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Prevention of occupational health and safety risks is the discipline that seeks to promote safety and health of workers through the identification, evaluation and control of hazards and risks associated with a work environment, together with promoting the development of the necessary activities and measures to prevent work-related risks.

Occupational risks are the chances that a worker suffers an occupational disease or accident linked to their work.

Can 3TOOL help us to prevent occupational diseases?

The answer is yes. 3TOOL is a perfect tool to help prevent the most common occupational disease: muscle trigger points or pain with a muscular origin.

3TOOL will help us greatly to prevent the onset of contractures, and if they appear, it will also help us to self-treat ourselves and achieve considerable relief of symptoms, so we have before us a tool that gives us a double benefit, prevention and treatment.

Many users already resemble 3TOOL to having their own physiotherapist at home, although it is not an element that replaces physiotherapy treatments, but complements them.

Is it easy to use 3TOOL? How does it work?

Of course, 3TOOL is a much studied and fully ergonomic tool which makes it very simple and comfortable to use on a day to day, so any worker can benefit from it. Clearly receiving brief advice on how to use it in every area of the body will be necessary, but its use is certainly within everyone's reach.

3TOOL has 3 areas that provide 3 different uses. In the field of prevention of contractures and muscle pain the zones that we will be more interested in are Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Zone 1 is specially designed to carry out a very precise and specific compression over the painful spot characteristic of muscle contractures. It should be applied by means of progressive pressure until one feels slight discomfort (pain 7 out of 10, with 0 being no pain and 10 maximum pain). After that pressure must be maintained for 60-90 seconds, until one feels the discomfort disappears or decreases considerably.

Zone 2 is specially designed to allow us perform self-massage on overloaded muscles or those which are more painful. To apply self-massage one should use a little cream, apply it over the area to massage, and carry out massage with that zone of 3TOOL.

Is there any way I can train my employees in its use?

Yes, because 3TOOL organizes training courses in two formats, online (with an online tutor) and face to face, so you can train your workers in the use of 3TOOL with no problem, simply contact info@3tool.es and you will receive more specific information of the available options.

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