Do you suffer from back pain? Go ahead and start looking after yourself

Do you have back pain but you cannot stop working? Do you feel a little discomfort and would like to get rid of it? Does your work schedule not allow you to go and see a professional regularly to relieve you?

We have a suggestion for you. Back pain can be caused by many factors such as poor posture during the day, an inappropriate move, a repetitive motion or even fatigue and stress. Unfortunately there are no miracle solutions, but we can give you some tips to temporarily relieve this pain or discomfort to avoid complications or to bare with it until you can consult a professional.

The best option is to have a consultation with a professional, but sometimes the lack of time does not allow this or in other cases of very frequent and severe pains maintenance exercises must be introduced. That is why a simple self-treatment can be of great help at certain times.

There are many tools that allow carrying out self-massage, self-compression of trigger points or self-mobilization and relaxation of rigid zones of the spine, but with our 3TOOL you can regroup all these techniques in a single instrument. Specially designed for muscle trigger points, vertebrae mobilizations and self-massage. It is easy to use and you can take it anywhere thanks to its small size.

We suggest a simple self-treatment exercise for trigger points in the back through the area with a tip that allows you to apply pressure on the muscle to relax it gradually.

But if you feel, for example, a blockage in the vertebral column, thanks to zone 3 you will be able to mobilize these segments and you will experience the feeling of unlocking it in a simple way without hurting yourself. This tool also allows you to treat back pain thanks to self-massage which is always very pleasant allowing the relaxation of a very tense area.

Obviously, all these treatments must be supervised by a professional the first time, so he can teach you how to do it and avoid errors. Once you have the directions you can begin the self-treatment.

If you forget some techniques the physiotherapist has taught you, you can view our videos where we suggest some exercises to treat pain in the head, legs, neck, back, and many other body areas.

After consulting a professional do not hesitate to begin self-treating yourself in the home or in the office to say farewell to pain with your 3TOOL.

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