Epicondylitis: hell for the tennis player

EpicondilitisOne of the most prevalent injuries in racket sports is the famous epicondylitis, also known as "tennis elbow". This condition is characterized by severe pain in the elbow, especially in the outermost region and can sometimes extend along the forearm.

Epicondylitis usually is related to overuse or direct trauma to the area. The pain intensifies after intensive or repetitive use of the limb. Activities involving a strong grip or forearm rotations aggravate it especially.

epicondilitisThis injury is not exclusive for tennis players or fans of racket sports. There are professions, which due to the repetition of a particular gesture are more prone to suffer epicondylitis; painters, mechanics, workers or people who sit in front of the computer for handling the mouse.

More or less a week ago, one of my oldest clients said to me: "I'm starting to play tennis and my partner is fond of paddle, can 3Tool be useful to practise these sports more safely?”.

The answer is yes, 3Tool can be a great ally in the treatment and prevention of injuries in both tennis and paddle. All sports lovers will know the following injuries, as they are very characteristic of them. We will help you prevent them and in the worst case, if present, how to do physiotherapy in the home.


The 3Tool can help us greatly to prevent and self-treat this injury, Zone 1 of 3Tool allows us to carry out self-compression on the painful area. On the other hand zone 2 of 3Tool, used with some cream or oil, will allow us to apply self-massage over our own forearm. If you want to learn how you can view our explanation video:


It can also be useful to relax and undo contractures in any muscle that becomes strained after practicing these sports, therefore you can visit our website or our YouTube channel where you can find many videos explaining how to do depending on the area being treated, you can also ask your physiotherapist about it if you wish.

epicondilitisRemember that you can combine these exercises with a good series of stretches: calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and the muscles of the forearm will be the essential ones, but should not be the only ones. If you have doubts about how to stretch or what muscles to stretch, do not hesitate to consult your usual physiotherapist.

Undoubtedly, 3Tool can be your most loyal ally to prevent you from suffering this injury and many others associated to racket sports such as strains, muscle contractures, tendinitis, cramps ... etc.

Tennis and paddle can be fun sports, do not injure yourself!  Practise them in a healthy style!

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