Exercise and back pain

Back pain is a health problem that affects a large percentage of the population at some point in their lives.

It may be triggered by a variety of causes, from awkward postures, sustained positions, bending your back or lifting incorrectly and repetitive movements amongst others.

In most cases, back pain will improve within a few weeks or months, but in some people it can turn into recurrent episodes.

One of the most common back problems affecting the population is muscle contractures. Although these problems are not serious from a medical point of view, it can damage and become a nuisance that sometimes can limit and condition the life of patients, especially if the condition is prolonged in time.

Fortunately, physiotherapy has evolved tremendously in recent years and more and more information and tools to deal with these back aches are available in order to reduce its impact on the lives of people.

One of the solutions increasingly recognized and reflected in scientific articles is physical exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a preventive and curative measure.

In addition to these general recommendations there are therapeutic exercise programmes aimed at improving the coordination and strength of the muscles that control and support the spine helping to reduce back pain. These programmes should be designed by a physiotherapist specifically for every individual patient, based on their particular health issue.

Such programmes begin with the patients learning how to use these muscles in simple tasks. The exercise becomes gradually more demanding and includes activities that patients normally do at work or in their spare time, finally integrating them into their daily activities in a more controlled manner and involving only the muscles needed and thus achieving a better muscular efficiency.

Tools like 3TOOL can be very useful to apply in these exercise programmes because they are designed specifically for these purposes, incorporating it in the exercises to help correct muscle dysfunctions. Especially in the muscles which are overloaded and overworked 3TOOL can be very useful to relax them and return them to a normal tone that allows the muscle group to restore proper function and eliminate pain.

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