Material for physiotherapy and rehabilitation at home

materia para fisioterapia y rehabilitaciónIn the market there is a lot of equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation that we can use at home as long as we are given the instructions by a qualified physiotherapist. There are different objects that help us recover faster and better -however if the injury is severe it would be more appropriate if it is a professional who treats us- and others to relieve certain pains that affect us every day, like headache or back pain.

Ideally, as we said previously, is to use the first few times this equipment in our physical therapist’s clinic to learn how to use it properly. Once the professional has taught us how to use properly the physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment with which he treats us and made sure we are going to do the exercises correctly without harming ourselves, we can buy it and have it home to do the exercises whenever we want,  can, or as many times as recommended by the physiotherapist.

herramienta 3toolDepending on the type of injury or pain we have we will need one or another physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. For example, if we have a tendency to muscle trigger points and painful spots in the back, the best way to get a quick relief is to use 3tool. Compressing with the sharpest end of the device on the exact painful spot we will achieve almost immediately relief of the area.

Once the odd pain has been relieved, you can use other physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, aiming more at maintaining and strengthening the muscles in order to prevent such trigger points from occurring. How? Getting to improve our posture.

pelotas suizasWe can do exercises with Swiss balls or fitballs, the large colored balls that are widely used, for example, in pilates. They are used to strengthen the paraspinal muscles and abdominals, together with the glutes, amongst others. In addition, these exercises help significantly to improve balance and coordination. But of course, the physical therapist should be the one to show us how to use this type of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. The only drawback is that these exercises require more time and effort from us.

masajeador cabeza

Finally, if we suffer constant headaches, as a result of muscle tension- it can be useful to use a head massager. Those metal ones that look like a spider. How? Carrying out circular and vertical movements for 5 minutes three times a day.

Best thing is all this physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment is easily found at physiotherapy centers, gyms, sports stores, or in the case of our 3tool, online. And at a very affordable price!

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