Muscle trigger points, nightmare for the athletes

Muscle trigger points are one of the most common injuries amongst all kind of athletes. It is not surprising, since they can occur in any muscle in the body -which athletes move and put to the test constantly- and originate, amongst other things, when we force the capacity of our muscles or when we subject them to poor posture (for example, if we try to beat our own personal best in running or carry out a wrong move during the routine).

contractura muscular deportista

This type of injury is very annoying not only because it causes pain in the affected area but also because the discomfort usually remains constant, whether you are at rest or during the stretching of the muscle. An instinctive act when we feel the discomfort is to stretch this muscle, massage it or pressing on the painful spot, but the relief is only temporary. For muscle trigger points, no position or exercise works. In addition, when we self-treat ourselves we do not know if we are doing it correctly. So, the first thing to do is to consult a good professional!

It is very important to go to a physical therapist so he can carry out a diagnosis of the problem and define which should be the appropriate treatment depending on the severity of the muscle trigger point we have. Also, he should be the one to tell us if we can continue doing sports or not, and in the latter case when we can go back to our usual exercise routine.

On the other hand, although muscle trigger points usually take two or three days to disappear - a week maximum, depending on the case- the truth is once you have a muscle trigger point it is likely to constantly disappear and reappear. Especially in the case of athletes, which rapidly return to their usual physical routine, forcing again the same areas and muscles.

Therefore, a good option to combat and, to some extent, to prevent a muscle trigger point, it is to ask the physical therapist to teach us some muscle relaxation techniques to prevent or relieve pain at home. The best thing for this is our 3tool, especially designed for self-massage at home or wherever you might be. But always! Following the instructions provided by a professional or watching our video on how to treat muscle trigger points with 3tool.

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