Neck trigger points. How to fight pain?

Cervical trigger points are becoming more common amongst the population. The causes are, as in most trigger points and back pain, excessive stress, poor body posture or lack of mobility of the affected area, the neck in this case. All these factors make the neck muscles contract constantly and involuntarily. That sustained contraction ends up generating a trigger point. Therefore, cervical trigger points are very common amongst people who work sitting in front of a computer.

Neck trigger points

Neck trigger points increasingly affect more people

The truth is that, actually, muscle trigger points are not severe but very annoying and even painful for those who suffer them. In addition, neck problems not only cause neck pain but are often closely related and cause pain elsewhere, like headaches. Sometimes, the pressure in the area can also cause discomfort in the eye, jaw or ears.

Therefore, treating neck trigger points properly becomes of vital importance. Ideally, as always, we should visit a physical therapist who knows how to treat the area in accordance to our specific ailment. Probably after a physiotherapy diagnosis he will carry out a specific treatment, which together with analysing our case and the source of our pain, will allow him to recommend a series of exercises to do at home.

Specific exercises to treat neck trigger points that we can perform ourselves at home. Increasing and improving our neck mobility while decreasing muscle tension thanks to relaxation of the area. Amongst those exercises, in addition to stretching, we can perform compression over trigger points and self-massage with 3tool.

But be careful with 3tool! Once again we insist on the importance of the physical therapist providing the instructions of use. He should not only explain us how to use it so that we do not hurt our necks, furthermore, he should use it during the massage he carries out to treat our neck trigger points. That way, we will see and feel directly on our own body how it should be done. That way, when you do it yourself at home, you will have no doubt that you're doing it correctly.

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