How can I relax my neck?

Neck trigger points or strains are one of the most common causes of neck pain. The cause may be multifactorial, for example, in the case of students in exam periods, where it is common to see the neck muscles overload due to poor posture associated with the usual stress of the exams period. Or also in people who work long hours in front of a computer, if the desktop is not well fitted ergonomically, it is likely to cause neck pain due to the inadequate alignment of the eyesight with the computer screen or having to hunch to write with the keyboard if it is too low.

As mentioned in the example with students in exam periods, psychological factors such as stress are known to be very influential; furthermore they are also very difficult to control. For example, stress or anxiety force us to adopt a protective posture that can cause trigger points in the neck and sensitizes our central nervous system, responsible for processing pain information that comes from the muscles.

Of course it is possible to alleviate the pain, but it will momentarily because if we do not change our daily habits we will not be able to get rid of those trigger points for good.

There are several tricks to improve these poor postures, i.e. to find proper support for the forearms to manage to relax the trapezoids. It can also be very useful to use a support for books, to reduce neck flexion. For people who work long hours in front of the computer, we recommend an adjustable chair, to have the screen at eye level.

Of course after correcting these factors, we must relieve those trigger points; it would be best to go to see a specialist, so he can treat us and give us advice. But sometimes we have no time or seek a quick fix; therefore it will always be a good option to self-massage our neck combined with stretching. 3TOOL will allow you to perform self-massage of muscle trigger point areas, but also the application of self-compression to reduce pain caused by trigger points.

It is therefore possible to improve quality of life by just incorporating small routines to alleviate symptoms, without waiting for these little annoyances to become more serious problems. If you want to see how to use the combined stretching with a massage with 3TOOL do not hesitate to visit our Youtube channel.

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