The risks of summer: learn how to prevent them with 3TOOL

Summer, that time of year we all love. Holidays, beach, pool, good weather, trips ... we spend the whole year looking forward to it, it would be a shame trigger point would not allow us to enjoy those moments like we deserve, right?

Summer has fantastic things, we all know, but also many others that are not so good but that often go unnoticed or not taken too seriously. Our goal today is to provide you with those things which are not so good for our health, and explain you how 3TOOL can help you prevent trigger points so they do not ruin your summer.

Long trips by plane, car or train; give us the opportunity to enjoy unusual places we cannot visit the rest of the year. However, spending many hours sitting in uncomfortable positions can make different problems appear in the spine like neck, low and upper back pain, and it is also possible to have tired legs.

Air conditioning, that great human invention that enables us to enjoy the summer without the suffocating heat that characterizes this time of the year preventing us. However, overuse and direct exposure to it can cause trigger points, especially at a cervical level.

Another very important aspect is accommodation. In our vacation, we can stay at very different places, fantastic hotels, cottages in rural areas, campsites or apartments facing the sea. In any case leaving our home and sleeping away from home is always a risk to our back and neck. Quality of the mattress and pillow on which we sleep becomes fundamental for our rest and the appearance of trigger points, so having a good mattress and pillow as similar as possible to ours (or even ours) is essential to avoid surprises.

Finally, for all those who love the beach, the pool, and tanning, very careful with postures when lying down and when taking long walks on the sand.

If we finally fail to prevent or do not avoid the appearance of trigger points in our body, what can we do?

Cervical contractures: cervical trigger points are a real torture. Causing a lot of neck pain, they can also be accompanied by joint stiffness (difficulty moving the neck) and even headache. The trapezius, elevator scapulae and suboccipital, are muscles that can generate us these problems. 3TOOL can help to self-treat these trigger points with self-compression and self-massaging those muscles. We attach some links to videos where you can learn how to perform the exercises properly:

Trigger points in the back (dorsal and lumbar): also very incapacitating, especially low back pain; which sometimes also involves sciatic nerve pain and also triggers quite some pain along our leg. Managing low and upper back pain is more complex than cervical, but 3TOOL can also help us, we leave here some links with useful exercises to solve these aches:

Pain in the legs or nuisance / fatigue: as we have already explained, something very common in long trips, walks along the beach, hiking and sightseeing ... etc. To alleviate these symptoms 3TOOL can also help us; we can apply ourselves self-release massages that relax our muscles. We attach some highly recommended videos:

Remember that if you finally do not succeed in solving the problem, it may be more complex and may require a professional physical therapist to examine you and apply the most appropriate treatments to fix it.

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