3tool against chronic pain at the World Physiotherapy Day 2015

Today, like every September 8th, it is the World Physiotherapy Day 2015, dedicated this year to people with health problems, disabilities and limited mobility under the theme "Maximizing Your Potential". The aim is to highlight the role of physiotherapists in the life and social integration of these people.

dolor crónicoOn the one hand, their treatments are a great support for these people with long-term health issues or disabled people, when achieving their goals, developing their potential and participate fully in social and family life.

As experts in the analysis and recovery of body movement, physical therapists help with therapies to improve the mobility of people suffering from a wide range of health problems, from injuries or amputations to arthritis or Parkinson, together with fighting pain caused by any of its conditions.

And if there is a common symptom in all patients, or the majority, that is pain. Whichever the area it affects, it is very annoying and can even become chronic pain, preventing the person to have a normal life.

In Vienna last week took place the ninth annual congress of the European Federation of Pain (EFIC). During the conference, -which lasted three days- the president of the federation, Chris Wells, reported "the lack of medical, economic and social visibility" that chronic pain has when it is a disease affecting 80 million people in Europe, 10 of them in Spain, according to El País.

Aware of this issue and intending to fight pain and chronic pain, especially with a muscular origin, our 3toolwas born last year, perfect to help professionals in their tasks and treatments. It has three zones with different shapes and functions: one to fight muscle contractures eliminating trigger points; one for massaging the overloaded muscle areas; and a third to carry out spinal mobilisation exercises.

3toolBut 3tool's functionality goes beyond the physiotherapist's practice. It reaches the homes of users. Why? Because pain can occur at any time and we cannot always go to visit a physiotherapist. 3tool allows you to perform the same exercises (or similar ones) from home, self-massaging, or do to it on a relative or friend with certain serious physical or mental disabilities that prevent him from doing it himself.

Taking in to account! That to massage correctly and effectively the affected area and relieve muscle pain, it is essential that the physiotherapist teaches you to use 3tool. This way, you will alleviate your pain or that of your loved ones without compromising their health. Therefore, 3tool helps you fight chronic pain and improve your quality of life. And best of all, it is very accessible: good price, you can buy it online, and is licensed to be sold in almost every country in Europe. You can check where by clicking here.

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