Today we interview Esperanza García. Born in Madrid in 1960. She works in the sales department in a technologic company and she spends many hours in front of the computer and travelling from one place to another.

Good morning Esperanza, you commented the other day you have been suffering discomfort on the sole of your foot and wanted to try 3TOOL. Could you tell us your experience with this new tool?

  •  I find it very interesting as a patient to have at my disposal a tool which allows me to use it anywhere without having to depend on a session with my physiotherapist. As I am usually travelling and with a tight schedule regarding my timetable availability, it is very comfortable to get to the hotel and carry out treatment on myself.

 Did you know about anything similar in the market beforehand?

  • No. It is the first time I have seen something like this.

Tell us, how did you get to know of its existence?

  •  You see, in my environment there are people linked to the physiotherapy world and they talked to me about it. That is what made me try it.

Throughout these days trying 3TOOL, what sensations does it produce? Do you manage to alleviate the pain?

  • At the beginning it was hard for me to get used to it because as it was myself who applied the treatment, as soon as I noticed discomfort I stopped pressing. Of course, this would not have been of much use, so by using it bit by bit, I have managed to know exactly how to treat my plantar fasciosis in the most appropriate way and furthermore I have managed to reduce the pain.

Regarding the tool, which of its 3 uses do you consider more effective?

  •  Zone 1 to compress over the localised painful spot is the one I find more interesting. Nevertheless, the vertebral part is the one I find more complicated. Because when I am on my own and I want to use it I cannot manage to focus completely on the segments I would like to.

You also commented that after a day at work you notice strain on your back. Have you tried 3TOOL on that area?

  • Yes, but as I have said before at the beginning I founded it complicated. But by using it little by little I am managing to focus on the more strained areas of my back and to notice relaxation.

To end, we would like to know if you would recommend it to other people?

  •  Of course. In fact, I have already thought it will be one of my presents for next Christmas.

Many thanks for your attention Esperanza, it has been  a pleasure to be able to count on you.

  • Thank you.

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