3TOOL is the answer to your tensions and trigger points

Do you do sport occasionally and suffer from muscle tension or contractures? 3TOOL can help you! Thanks to 3TOOL you will find a way to relieve overworked muscles and regain normal mobility (vertebral segments).

Indeed 3TOOL will allow its use at home, without necessarily having anatomical and physiological knowledge of the human body. The patient's self-treatment is a fundamental pillar in the process of rehabilitation in patients with muscle aches. We must insist on the need of doing it with proper ergonomics, remaining relevant and effective. 3TOOL is the best tool for this. Easy to use, inexpensive and effective in self-treatment. Its ease of purchase and very modest price makes accessible for any patient who wants to remove his muscle discomfort.

It is important to emphasize the possibility of reaching otherwise inaccessible spots within the self-treatment: buttocks (piriformis), back (rhomboid muscle), etc. On the other hand, it is also an innovative, ergonomic treatment device and very useful for the physiotherapist.

Its 3 areas will allow an enriching and remarkable variety of use:

- The first zone ("pointed" shape) is essential for relief of contraction-type Tigger Points (which are a source of these common muscle aches). We can use it applying continuous pressure over the most sensitive spot or allowing one’s body weight to lean into the painful spot.

- The second (rounded shape) will allow carrying out massage in order to obtain a reduction in the tension of fascia and muscles. It is possible in any area of the body. Very useful in patients suffering from muscle fatigue in response to an intense effort, a running race or a football game, for example. Note: the same as with any kind of massage, you can use massage cream or oil in order to facilitate sliding over the skin.

- The third zone allows one to place the spine of a vertebra and stabilize it properly. So one can mobilize and relax a spinal segment without problem and perform different joint mobilization techniques. On the other hand, paraspinal muscles may suffer spasms as a result of a bad position of a vertebral segment. It is also possible to put the emphasis and easily reach these muscles in order to relax and relieve them.

If you are not used to doing sport and you keep complaining about muscle trigger points or strain after strenuous exercise, do not hesitate to try 3TOOL!

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