How to apply 3TOOL in tennis elbow injury

injury-armsLateral elbow tendinopathy, better known as tennis elbow produces pain in the outer part of the forearm.

Repetitive use of these muscles causes the injury. The connective tissue is damaged and presents microtears due to overstrain, producing inflammation in the area.

The world of sport (tennis, paddle tennis) is not the only activity that causes this type of injury. Any activity that requires repetitive movements can cause it. People who work eight hours a day with the computer or people working on an assembly line are more likely to develop it. Gestures as simple as using the computer mouse or scissors can trigger it.

The main symptoms are pain, functional disability and loss of strength. The pain is usually intense in the lateral aspect of the elbow. There is an inability or limitation when attempting to hold an object. We can also observe that a common gesture, such as shaking hands, causes us pain.

To address this problem Cyriax is used over the insertion of the muscles to break down adhesions and reorganize the fibres. Also diacutaneousfibrolysis is used to relax the muscles, break down adhesions and act directly over the insertion in the epicondyle. Dry needling is a good alternative to eliminate trigger points in the extensors. Once the initial phase of pain has been overcome, one has to re-educate and strengthen the muscles to prevent a recurrence. Eccentric exercise programs are very effective in these stages.

automasage-toolThe 3TOOL allows effective compression to be carried out until one feels relief on the trigger points present in the extensor muscles.

3TOOL has an ergonomic shape designed to promote optimal grip and to exert pressure without tiring. The patients themselves can control the degree of compression they apply according to their needs.

To relax the extensor muscles, zone 2 of the 3TOOL is very effective. It enables one to massage the area. in this way tensions are eliminated.

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