What is 3TOOL for?

3TOOL has been designed for the treatment of muscle pain (or caused by muscle trigger points), therefore it has three distinct areas depending on the uses and most common ailments. Its design has also included the necessary adjustments so it can be used both by professionals and by patients who wish to carry out physiotherapy treatment at home. Its applications are numerous but the specificity to perform compression over muscle trigger points, the application of massage and its use as a wedge to mobilize rigid vertebral segments (in the case of a professional) or to carry out simple relaxation exercises of the spine (in the case of patients) stand out.

Does the use of 3TOOL present any risk?

3TOOL has been designed both for the use of professionals and non-professionals. It is recommended that you always follow the guidelines of a professional when using it on injuries, since he can provide recommendations on the intensity of the force or duration of application, as well as the areas that are directly related to your symptoms. When there is no injury and 3TOOL used with a non-therapeutic but welfare or self-care objective to prevent injuries, it is sufficient that the intensity of the application or application time does not cause pain or leaves the area sensitized.

Can 3TOOL be used with any massage cream?

We recommend using 3TOOL with creams or massage oils:

  • Natural of an animal and / or vegetable origin (except for oils containing citrus, cereals, oilseed, creosote, olive and pineapple).
  • Mineral
  • Synthetic (preferably aniline point <190 °C)

The use of 3TOOL is not recommended with ketone base (oxygenated solvents), alcohol-based, or diester based chlorinated / degreasing compounds creams or massage oils. Although not affecting the product safety, it can produce alterations in the coloration of 3TOOL or shorten its lifespan.

How can I clean 3TOOL?

The use of soap and water is recommended, however the use of antiseptic products prepared with an alcoholic chlorhexidine base could also be applied.

What quality controls does the product pass?

The product has obtained certification as a Class I Healthcare Product by the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare products). Within the manufacturing process a first filtering at the factory is carried out of those parts that may contain functional defects, which would never affect the product safety but rather the loss of effectiveness in treatment. Before being packaged, and in the warehouse, a second supervision is carried out in case any piece had passed the first controls. At site of injection, often a slight bulge can be seen. However, the base should not be bulged, so that it is stable if placed on any surface. Similarly, the injection site may have a rough finish, but it should never present a hole with a depth greater than 3mm which could interfere with its cleaning or disinfecting.

I have observed small scratches or apparent aesthetic defects in the product. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal and poses no risk or impairs the functionality of the product. During the manufacturing process, small imperfections in the filling may occur, which are seen as small lines or streaks that do not alter the functionality of the product. herramienta de fisioterapiaSometimes pigmentation is irregular and blacker or darker areas may appear and can give the impression the product is dirty but if you try to clean it one will see it is intrinsic to the material : comprar 3toolAlso areas which are clearer may appear, these are marks that are left in the process of taking off the mould:   herramienta de fisioterapiaOne could also see some dots or lines with more colouring, due to excess blue pigmentation in some area : tratar contracturas musculares    All these imperfections are of aesthetic nature and do not affect the safety and functionality of the product.

How many days does it take to get my order home?

The deadline for delivery of products is 5 working days in Spain since the order is placed. The order is processed within 24 h and depending on the area of Spain the delivery can take between 2 and 4 days to arrive, provided the details are correct and the recipient is at home. If not the delivery company leaves a notice or calls the mobile given and fixes a day and time for a second delivery.

Do you ship outside Spain?

Yes, you can make purchases and shipping is carried out to all countries in the world, either directly or through local distributors. The delivery time may vary depending on possible limitations or delays in customs clearance, so it is impossible to define a deadline for each country, but it can be around 10 days in the Eurozone and 15-20 days outside the Eurozone. There are other countries where 3TOOL has presence through exclusive distributors, such as Italy and Switzerland, where it is not possible to buy through the website, but through its distributors in the country (see distributors in Italy and Switzerland at: http: / /3tool.thekiwiweb.com/distribuidores/).

What payment methods are supported by the web?

From www.3tool.thekiwiweb.com one can carry out payments with Paypal, bank card and bank transfer.

What is the shipping policy?

For Spain (as in the Peninsula) the shipping cost is free. For the Balearic Islands the shipping cost is 8 € for one to four units. If the order is 5 or more units, shipping costs are free. Outside Spain :

  • 15 € to Portugal and Andorra in the case of one to four units. If the order is 5 or more units, shipping costs are free.
  • For international destinations in the case of one to four units, shipping costs are 25 €. If the order is 5 or more units shipping costs are free.

Do you ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla?

Shipping costs to these destinations will be 8 € regardless of the number of units. It will be sent by blue post parcel and the customs expenses will be charged to the customer, both entrance and exit.

Do you want to become a 3TOOL distributor?

If you are interested in becoming a 3TOOL distributor contact us at info@3tool.es