How to relieve back pain at home

If, as it happens to a high percentage of the adult population, you suffer from back and neck pain with some consistency or regularly, you probably want to know how to relieve back pain at home. Obviously, that is not the ultimate solution to your problem, you should go to a physical therapist to get an accurate diagnosis and be provided with proper treatment.

cómo aliviar el dolor de espalda en casa

However, we must admit that at times the discomfort is so constant and unpleasant that one finds it hard to focus on what one is doing. In those situations, knowing how to relieve back pain at home can be of great help.

3tool was born precisely with this objective. Our ergonomic tool designed by expert physiotherapists for patients suffering regularly from these ailments, in order for them to have a way to relieve back pain at home, always with prior instructions from a physiotherapist showing how to use it.

To know how to relieve back pain at home with 3tool, the first thing we need to know is that depending on the ailment we suffer at a certain moment, we must use one or another zone of the tool and carry out the exercises that previously our physiotherapist has explained us.

3 Tool zona 1

For example, if we have a muscle trigger point we have to use zone 1, the sharpest tip. Pressing gently over the trigger point that is generating the discomfort, we will relax the area and put to an end to our agony. Just like professionals do when we visit our usual physiotherapy clinic or centre. The advantage of 3tool, even for them (the professionals) - who also use it- is that we can apply pressure on the trigger point without hardly using any force and, therefore, without tiring.

3 Tool zona 2If, on the contrary, what we have is an overstrained area after you have, for example, carried out an unusual effort, we will use the zone 2. It is flat, to massage the strained area and relax it.

3 Tool zona 3

Finally, with an adequate training from the physiotherapist the patient can learn vertebral self-mobilisation exercises and paravertebral massage. We will use zone 3 -the one with an irregular shape with several tips that resemble the shape of the vertebrae- having special care, since it is the most sensitive area..

Now you know how to relieve back pain in the home, in the office or wherever you are, because 3tool is so small and light, you can carry it with you whenever you want. It can come very handy if you are travelling, don't you think?

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