How to relieve neck and cervical pain

como aliviar el dolor de cuello y cervicales

The first thing to do if you have many issues in your neck- vertebral and muscular- is to go to a physical therapist so he carries out a personalized diagnosis and starts the right treatment for your problem. However, on a day to day basis this is often not enough, so you must also know how to relieve neck and cervical pain, at home, office or wherever you might be.

como aliviar el dolor de cuello y cervicales ejerciciosOn the one hand, learn how to sit properly in front of your computer, since many neck problems result from poor posture at work. In addition, the professional who usually treats you can teach you a series of daily exercises and stretches to help you whittle away your pain. For example, every night you can carry out a simple self-massage exercise on the trapezius. By doing this every night you get to relax the area and sleep better. Poor sleep is one of the main factors that perpetuate muscle pain; therefore sleeping better will also help you improve your problem achieving a double effect.

You can learn how to relieve neck and cervical pain using some physiotherapy material, such as our 3tool. That's right! Before carrying out this self-massage or other exercises -both the 3tool as any physiotherapy device at home- you should ask your therapist to teach you to use it properly, in order to stress the area or harm yourself without realizing.

How to relieve neck pain and neck with 3tool? According to the discomfort of the moment you can use one side or another of the tool. If you have pain on the vertebral area of the neck, you can use the zone 3, designed to massage the paravertebral muscles on both sides of the spine safely, without risk of compressing the vertebrae, which must always be avoided. If the pain is more on the area that stretches from the neck to the shoulder, in addition to the trapezius self-massage, you can use the zone 1 and carry out compression exercises over specific painful spots.

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