How to sit properly at your computer?

como sentarse correctamente en el ordenadorWe all suffer from muscle aches, either regularly or occasionally. Poor posture at work is one of the main causes, therefore it is essential to learn how to sit properly at my computer. Luckily, there are also a number of devices for muscle soreness to help you relax the different areas and work on them to strengthen the muscles and prevent these aches, like 3tool designed specifically to relieve pain anywhere, anytime: it is small, light and easy to use -always with prior teaching from a physiotherapist-.

The definitive solution to back pain is to correct our poor posture at work. The first thing to know, as we already mentioned above, is how to sit properly at my computer.

  1. The back should be straight, upright. With no tilts backwards or forwards. Bearing in mind! It should be fully supported by the backrest of the chair. That is why it must be a chair with adaptable backrest and height.
  2. The thighs must rest completely on the chair, so that they are relaxed and form a right angle with regards to the trunk. The chair cannot be longer than your thighs or you will force your posture to be able to bend your knees.cómo sentarse correctamente en el ordenador 3tool
  3. The knees should also be at a right angle with respect to the thighs, so that the calves are completely vertical, parallel to the trunk.
  4. Your feet should touch the ground with the whole sole. Not on tiptoes or other positions that are not natural and, that without realising it, force our muscles. If you do not reach the ground, add a footrest!
  5. When writing or using the mouse, the arms should be at a right angle, so that we do not have to tilt them, nor raise nor lower to reach the keyboard. From the shoulder to the elbow they must, therefore, be parallel to the trunk and from the elbow to the wrist flat on the table. If the table is too high up, raise the chair. If by doing so you do not reach with your feet, remember the footrest.

Once you know how to sit correctly at your computer, you should consider the potential drawbacks when putting into practice what you have learned. And although this is the right position to not force your back, the truth is that if you have spent years adopting an improper posture, all your muscles will be used to it and you will find the correct position uncomfortable. Therefore it will not be easy to maintain it constantly and sustain it.

On the other hand, even if that is not your case, spending hours in the same position is uncomfortable for everyone, so if you spend a lot of time at the computer, you will probably end up changing your posture and straining your back muscles. Therefore, it is never harmful to have some of the equipment for muscle aches available in the market, like the 3tool we recommended above.

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