3TOOL professional use

Learn to use 3TOOL properly

Three functions in one

3TOOL has been conceived as a simple and cheap tool to treat muscle contractures, loosen up vertebral segments and massage different body areas.

The perfect help for pain tratment ans muscle strain.

Zone 1: Muscle contractures

Place zone 1 of the tool over the trigger point and carry out a gentle compression. 3TOOL has an ergonomic shape designed to favour the optimum grip and be able to exert pressure without tiring.

Video of infraspinatus muscle trigger point compression

Zone 2: Muscle massage

The more rounded zone is designed to apply massage directly on strained muscle areas. It can be used with massage lotions or oils to favour sliding.

Video of fascia latae massage

Zone 3: Improve vertebral flexibility

Zone 3 is specially designed for the vertebral spine. It allows one to carry out vertebral mobilisation exercises, especially in the dorsal area. Furthermore, with an adequate guidance, the patient can learn vertebral self-mobilisation exercises.

Video vertebral mobilisation