Use of 3TOOL for self-treatment in the home

Learn to use 3TOOL properly

Do you have muscle aches?

3TOOL has been thought of as an aid in the self-treatment of pain, its light design allows you to take it with you anywhere.

Zone 1: Muscle contractures

The patient can use 3TOOL in two different ways:

  • Applying pressure directly: Place the tool’s zone 1 on the located muscle ache point and carry out a gentle compression until relief is noticed.
  • Allowing bodyweight to fall directly over zone 1.

Recommended for body areas which are difficult to reach.

Video Lumbar & gluteus area

Zone 2: Muscle Massage

The more rounded area: this is designed to apply massage directly on strained muscle areas. It can be combined with massage lotions or oils to improve sliding.

Video relaxation of the plantar fascia

Zone 3: Relaxation of the paravertebral muscles

Specific treatment of muscle contractures and strains in the area near the vertebral spine. The tool’s zone 3 is designed to avoid direct pressure over the vertebral prominences, so achieving optimum support over the spine’s muscular masses. The opposite zone to the support zone, has been designed to provide stability while pressure is applied to these muscles.

Video paravertebral massage