Improves professional treatments and is an aid for exercises in the home

Many physiotherapists recommend simple self-massage exercises and compression of muscle contractures as a complement to treatment. In physiotherapy treatments applied to this type of patients, not only the physiotherapist’s work becomes very important, but also that the patients, in some way, learn to modulate the muscular strains caused by their lifestyle habits, their job or other factors. Thus avoiding acute crises or even obtaining a better quality of life. 3TOOL has been created in order to carry out self-treatment exercises in the home, complementing the physiotherapy treatment. It is a versatile, easy-to-use tool, both for professional and in a domestic situation.


Diputación de Zaragoza
Fisioterapia Valdespartera
Universidad de Zaragoza
The best help for your treatments!

·Muscular pain ·Muscle strain ·Muscle contractures ·Myofascial trigger points ·Improve vertebral and joint flexibility ·Muscle massage

Applicable in multiple areas of the patient's body

·Back ·Lumbar ·Cervical ·Dorsal ·Leg ·Buttocks ·Forearm ·Neck ·Scapula ·Calf ·Head ·Vertebral spine