Physiotherapy equipment, help to fight muscle pain

Muscle trigger points, back and neck pain are amongst the physical issues that affect more people, especially in the developed world where stress and long working hours -with the bad body postures that this usually implies- are part of our day to day. There is a range of physiotherapy equipment designed to combat this problem and increasingly new and more effective inventions appear.

material fisioterapiaProfessionals always use the correct physiotherapy material for each treatment. From infrared lamps to apply dry heat so that muscles relax before performing certain manipulations over them, to neuromuscular bandage also known as Kinesiotaping, that coloured tape that one sticks to the skin and helps relax or ease muscle function.

Generally, physiotherapy material - like the one we have mentioned up until now- has very positive effects on our back and muscles but we cannot use it at home on our own. This is not the case with our 3tool. It has been a year now since it was launched and many physiotherapists have incorporated it into their work. It makes things easier when massaging certain areas in a certain way or, for example, when they want to apply pressure on a specific spot.

Furthermore, it is a tool that the therapist can teach us how to use on our own, so that, on the one hand, we continue part of the treatment at home, speeding up the recovery process.

And on the other hand, it is a physiotherapy tool that allows us to alleviate pain in urgent situations, such as when we are at the office and cannot concentrate on the job. We can, for example, place the tool on the backrest of the chair and lean back against it, so the more pointy tip of 3tool presses that painful spot that distracts us. As it is so light and small we can easily carry it in our purse or briefcase. It is also very easy to use, provided we follow our usual health professional's directions and solve with him all the doubts that may arise.

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