Physiotherapy in the home, an economical alternative

At least one in every six adults in Spain suffers at least one of the most common chronic back disorders, according to the latest data from the National Statistics Institute. The problem is that with the hectic pace of our daily lives, it is often impossible for us to find a gap in the schedule to visit the physiotherapist. So physiotherapy in the home can be a good alternative.

Obviously, the ideal would be to hire a physical therapist that moves to our place of residence and we apply the appropriate treatment according to our diagnosis. However, this is not an option for every budget. Therefore, there are much cheaper alternatives, such as physiotherapy exercises videos at home that some professionals upload to the Internet or on social media.

physiotherapy in the home

Physiotherapy in the home

Another option is our 3tool, designed precisely to self-massage oneself without having to move. Bearing in mind! One should always follow the indications of a physiotherapist. These instructions he can point us out when we visit his consultation and also watching how he uses it while he gives us advice on how to use it ourselves; that we can also find in the videos that are posted on our website.

When starting a physiotherapy self-treatment in the home one should be very careful. We should first make sure we know exactly which is our problem, provided we have professional guidance. Because, obviously, the exercises are not the same if one suffers from back, buttock, the sole of the foot or forearm pain. The tool is the same, but the position in which we must place it is different.

For example, if we are dealing with a trigger point, what we have to do is exert pressure with the sharper tip of 3tool over the painful spot. But if we are dealing with strained muscular area due to an overexertion exercising, we will have to slide one of the zones of the tool -the one the physical therapist tells us to use, either personally or in videos- to massage the muscle and reduce accumulated tension.

It is important to note, that, although physical therapy in the home is a cheaper alternative, it also requires greater responsibility and caution on our side, taking care to meet one by one the advice and indications provided by our physiotherapist. At the end of the day, we are trying to replace a professional, without having the anatomical knowledge, etc. needed to do so.

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