Physiotherapy material for self-massage

In a society that moves ever faster there is certain physiotherapy material that can be a great ally at home or at work. With working shifts that last more than is desirable and with more difficulties to balance personal and professional life, we are under constant stress and it is hard to avoid muscle trigger points becoming bread and butter for many.


Poor posture, perhaps in front of the computer or at our usual work desk; non-habitual physical exertion, for example when moving house; or a poorly executed exercise during a session in the gym using machines. Any of these things can be the cause of a trigger point. These are minor injuries, according to experts, but they can be really annoying in our daily lives. Some of the most frequent recommendations to relieve pain caused by a trigger point are: Relative rest or decreased level of physical activity so the muscle or the tight area can relax. But! It is not advisable to rest completely unless pain prevents one from moving. And on the other hand, apply dry or wet heat provided by physiotherapy material such as water bags or electric blankets.

These actions can help relieve pain temporarily or reduce it but the truth is that many times, even going to the physiotherapist, is not enough and one needs to continue doing exercises at home. We need to self-massage the area to relax the muscle or exert pressure over that particular point where the pain is concentrated and makes us lose concentration.

Ideally, of course, one should visit a professional because they know how to identify the causes of pain and treat them appropriately, like it occurs with many apparently identical diagnoses like "sciatica" which may have a very different origin that needs to be properly assessed. Furthermore, they also have all the appropriate physiotherapy equipment to apply the suitable treatment.

Reality is we do not always have the time -or budget- to go to the physiotherapist, or at least not with the frequency we would like to. There is, however, physiotherapy material that we can use ourselves and can help us reduce pain in particular moments, although it is always advisable to consult a physical therapist to make the most of its use.

From the so-called muscle electrical-stimulators, very effective to use at home if somewhat bulky to take to work or travel, to the new 3Tool. Physiotherapy self-treatment devices ideal to carry in a bag or briefcase thanks to its small size, fitting in the palm of the hand and how light they are. There are several types, among which one specifically created to relieve pain caused by muscle trigger points stands out.


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