Interview with Arturo Such

"I think the patient is the main beneficiary of the 3TOOL"

Hello Arturo, you were commenting that you tried 3TOOL the other day with a patient. Could you tell us about your experience?

The 3TOOL seems a tool with a clever design. In addition, the touch is soft and pleasant, not too hard as to cause pain in the hand of the therapist nor soft enough to not be able to control the pressure applied.

How did you hear about the existence of this new tool?

Through the promotional videos. I tried it for the first time at a conference organised by students of the San Jorge University Association.

What benefits do you consider 3TOOL has for the patient?

I think the patient is the main beneficiary of the 3TOOL. I see it much more aimed at the use at home by the patient than in the clinic, because I think it cannot replace the assessment and educational role of the therapist. However, used by patients under appropriate supervision and with specific instructions from the therapist it seems a powerful tool.

What would you highlight from its use?

As I say the feel and ergonomics.

As a physiotherapist, which of its 3 uses do you find most effective? Would you add any other?

Surely the ischemic pressure. While the rest are interesting enough, I think it is more useful for this technique.

Do you know any similar tool in the market?

I know some tools designed to provide massage and other treatments. Also some for self-appliance of ischemic pressure. None of them seem as ingenious as the 3TOOL.

Finally, would you recommend it to patients to continue with their treatment at home?

In fact, I think it's its strongest point: as a tool for self-treatment.