Run Smart! Take care and avoid injuries with 3TOOL

Running or jogging is a sport of repetitive movements which are performed during a run thousands of times. Just think that the frequency during a run is about 150-180 steps per minute. All these movements and impacts against the ground generate muscular, joint and physiological demands which one should be adapted to. Therefore, adequate training is essential, modulating the loads, and working on specific aspects and capabilities of each individual, focusing on strength, endurance and running technique. In addition, it is essential to have appropriate technical equipment (shoes, clothing, etc).

This sport, like all in different degrees, can cause injury, especially if you do not take into account certain considerations and precautions. It is important to follow the above recommendations, a training plan and guidelines set by a professional with enough knowledge and experience.

Running at a muscular level is perhaps one of the sports in which more overloads and trigger points occur, mainly due to muscle imbalances and to harmful repeated movements which perpetuate it when carrying out the activity. Muscle imbalance leads to other overworked muscles, causing overloads. These muscle overloads may end up in contractures or trigger points that cause pain, limit movement and alter the normal function of the muscle.

As for the prevention and treatment of muscle aches and injuries once they occur, there are several options in terms of physiotherapy which one should consult with a physiotherapist. As for trigger points and contractures there are several techniques used by physiotherapists like dry needling and different conservative treatment techniques.

Some of the trigger points or myofascial release conservative treatment applications focus on massage and applying compression to relax or eliminate these taut bands and contractures. One can use 3TOOL designed specifically for this purpose and included within the physiotherapy products used for these kinds of treatments. If used as self-treatment, which is one of the biggest advantages of 3TOOL over other products that need to be applied by a physiotherapist, the concept lies in using our own weight or our hands to apply different compression techniques and massage on the muscles we want to treat. This allows you to apply a lot more pressure on muscle areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. If used by your physical therapist it is used in the same way and the principle is the same, but in this case he shall use the weight of his body to apply the techniques. In the following link you can watch a self-treatment technique and other applied by a physiotherapist on the piriformis muscle:

Moreover, these two applications can be associated to stretching or functional massage, amongst others.

Logically most injuries occur in the lower limbs. Depending on the kind and level of activity, one or another type of injury typically occur depending on many variables and affecting different muscles. But generalizing we can summarize by saying that trigger points occur more frequently in the calves, soleus, quadriceps and glutes.

On the 3TOOL website you can see many more videos with a variety of exercises designed specifically for each muscle and the optimal use of the tool to achieve the greatest benefit and best possible outcome.

However, we always recommend you to follow the recommendations in terms of health, exercise and musculoskeletal injuries that your physiotherapist can offer you, such as: warming-up properly before starting to run, stretching after exercising, having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and including rest days between workouts in order for your body and metabolism to have time to assimilate the training loads.

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