Learn to treat plantar fasciitis with 3TOOL

In another post on our blog we already talked about the plantar fasciosis.

It is one of the commonest problems that affect runners. It appears when the heel is subjected to excessive load and stress, especially when running and jumping on hard surfaces. It is more prevalent amongst 40-70 year-old men.

Pain and stiffness are amongst the principal symptoms, particularly when placing the foot on the ground for the first time in the Ayuda para el auto-masaje muscularmorning and after periods of rest. Most often this injury is due to poor foot biomechanics given that the fascia undergoes too much stress.

To prevent this condition it is advisable to warm up prior to the activity and to stretch before, after and before going to bed to make the muscles and fasciamore flexible. Regular stretching of the calves and soleus is recommended. One of the most frequently recommended exercises is to roll a ball with the foot to massage the plantar fascia.

The 3TOOL allows patients to relax the plantar fascia simply. Zone 2 of this tool is designed to massage directly the strained areas. In addition, it can be used with lotions or oils to favour sliding.

tratamiento de la fascitis plantar consejos pacientes3TOOL can be used as self-treatment by the patient himself and also by the physiotherapist to relax the tension built up in the fascia and to focus more directly on the insertion.

Although the treatment carried out by the physiotherapist is very important, so too is it that each person be responsible for their health problems and participate actively to find solutions and prevent injuries. With 3TOOL it is possible to prevent injuries in the plantar fascia and to aid recovery from it with exercises performed by the patients themselves.




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