How can I prevent contractures during my pregnancy?

Pregnancy is definitely a wonderful time in the life of a woman. Nine months carrying a child in the womb, who we shall see grow, mature and with whom we will share many things throughout life.

However, pregnancy alters the woman's body in many ways, although often one only thinks on dimensions being larger and on the weight gain.

What changes can pregnancy produce in the body?

  • The chest of women broadens, so that the floating ribs are separated, thus losing the shape of the waist.
  • Increased kyphosis due to the growth of the breasts can lead to back pain or neck and back pain.
  • The diaphragm, being a muscle that inserts in the ribs, is stretched flat. Not being this its usual position, its mechanism changes and has less expandability, altering breathing patterns.
  • As the centre of mass moves forward, the physiological lumbar lordosis is increased. As the lumbar curve is accentuated low back pain or lumbar-sciatica cases can occur.
  • Groin injury and alteration of the pubic symphysis presentations.
  • Relaxation of the musculature of the pelvic floor due to weight gain in the abdominal area. Over the last two months one may suffer some degree of incontinence.
  • Increased resting heart rate and blood pressure, therefore exercise tolerance decreases.

When these conditions appear, often they tend to become chronic or aggravated because in many cases certain medications cannot be dispensed or the woman herself is reluctant to take medication. For this reason, the best way is to prevent these problems with a few simple exercises like the ones we suggest here.

When we feel pain in the back, either low back pain or upper back pain, if we locate a particular painful spot we can apply self-compression with zone 1 of 3TOOL. Which you can combine with a dynamic self-massage with zone 3 of 3TOOL. In the following link you will find how to do it:

It can also be very useful to do some spinal self-mobilization exercises, Zone 3 of 3TOOL is ideal for this purpose, and using a hard, stable surface we can get to do it perfectly. Observe the following videos:

This will help us maintain proper flexibility in our spine and prevent stiffness and hypomobility.

If at any time during pregnancy you feel somewhat similar to the familiar sciatica, which is known for running along the posterior region of our leg, you can use 3TOOL and its zone 1 to carry out self-compression on painful spots of the gluteal region. In this area, trigger points in several muscles such as the gluteus minimus, the gluteus medius , the piriformis ... can give similar symptoms, or in the case of the piriformis if it is contractured, get to "trap" the sciatic nerve. Therefore one must locate these painful spots and then carry out what you can see in the following video:

If at some stage during your pregnancy you feel pain round the neck or headaches it can be due to the tension of some muscles in the cervical region. While it is true that this disease not only has to do with pregnancy, as very few people can say they have never felt their neck strained or had neck pain, it remains a serious problem. 3TOOL can help us relieve this discomfort and prevent it. We may use the zone 1 of 3TOOL to carry out self-compression on the most painful spots, for example over the trapezius, muscle which most frequently contractures. In the following video you will find how:

Often the discomfort we have described start at the suboccipital region, we can also apply self-compression with zone 1 of 3TOOL, as shown on the next video:

Both of the muscles mentioned can be self-massaged, you only have to follow the guidelines:

As you can see, 3TOOL can help in many ways to prevent various issues related to pregnancy and to make this stage much more comfortable.

If nevertheless you do not succeed to solve your discomfort, do not hesitate to visit a physical therapist, physical therapy can do a lot for you. Pregnancy does not have to be synonymous of suffering.

A healthy pregnancy is possible!

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